MayanMedic is a facilitating company that promotes Medical and Dental Tourism in Mérida, Yucatán. Here in our state we have excellent hospitals, medical specialists and dentists with such competitive prices.

Based on these opportunities and others like peace and tranquility, excellent roads and air communication, major tourist attractions, we had agreements with hospitals, doctors and dentists to offer their services and add some others such as:

We make your medical and hospital budget.

We suggest you places of lodging.

We receive you in the terminal, advise you to your lodging and to the hospital.

We guide you to make tourism in the area if you wish.

We provide you with a nurse and / or English / Spanish translator if you require it.

And we advise you in a personal and human way with the problem that you are living, taking care of your interests.


In MayanMedic your health is important and we are looking to help you plan that journey so necessary for you, but at the same time your finance is important, that’s why we are sure that in Yucatán not only you will get the best and the most specialized medical attention, but that in addition to providing excellence in the services you want you will also achieve savings from 30% to 90% in medical services and dental budgets. You no longer have to sacrifice your economic interests. For all this and more, Welcome to Mayan Medic.

Being the state that concentrates a larger number of medical and odontology specialists in southeastern México, Yucatán shows a high level in health care, through a wide and diverse network of large hospitals both public and private, laboratories and clinics that

maintain a constant growth which allows them par large international cities, making health care provided totally guaranteed and of excellent quality in the hand of great professionals graduated from the best institutions of health such as Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Universidad Marista, Universidad Modelo and Anahuac Mayab.

As a social, cultural, health and economic point, Yucatán has become one of the states with the highest levels of life quality, offering the best services and greater tranquility and security in all México, and together with the geographical location that it has, has allowed to develop excellent communication routes with few hours and distance, by air it’s less than 2 hours from México City and approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Miami, departing from Mérida and in car is only 3 hours from Cancún.


Yucatán have all the services that may be necessary for you and your family.
High quality and efficiency services.


Professionals who will assist in your personal care and hygiene, as well as in the control of your health or any additional support you require.


- National and international air and ground ambulance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.


Convenient mobility service around the city, either from receiving you and moving to your hotel, hospital, as well as to consultations or laboratories and pharmacies.


- National ground ambulance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.


Plastic And Esthetic Surgery









-General Odontology - Endodontics - Orthodontics
-Odontopediatric -Restorative Dentistry -Maxillofacial Surgery
-Mouth Rehabilitation -Periodontics -Implantology



We have specialized medical centers that comply with their work with high recognition at national and international level, as they present agreements with international institutions and comply with all mexican laws and standards. We adapt your needs with the best technologies and methods to carry out not only the necessary treatments, but also to apply extensive studies in various specialties.

Are you a foreign person living in Yucatán?

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